Suffolk Arms

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Suffolk Arms Pub, Recently Tarted Up

The Longer Read The Suffolk Arms was a pretty typical local, but one offering Thai food. Ho hum. The pub had a good reputation for friendliness but, given the rather smart reputation (at least) of the Suffolks area of town, it always seemed just a matter of time until someone Farrow and Balled the place to within an inch of its life. Sure enough, The Suffolk Arms  relaunched in August 2017.

The new layout has keg, cask and craft ales, a gin selection and short, to the point wine list. Food at The Suffolk Arms is now based around sourdough pizzas. Starters include Baked Chorizo with Honey & Balsamic (£5.25) Deep Fried Calamari with Citrus Mayo (£4.75), Baked mac & cheese with roasted peppers or smoked salmon (£4.25/£5.25). There are sourdough garlic versions (pesto/mozzarella/nduja) at £4.

Mains course pizzas are Margherita: San Marzano tomatoes & Fiore di latte mozzarella (£7); Prosciutto crudo with tomato & wild rocket (£9.45); Smoked salmon with ricotta, capers, wild rocket & lemon oil (£8.45); Pulled pork BBQ sauce with red onions, chutney & Monterey Jack (£8.25).  Vegetarians head for a Grilled aubergine & artichoke, with red onion, mozzarella & extra virgin olive oil  (£7.95), but never for a Veronetto salami pizza with spicy nduja, gorgonzola & wild rocket (£8.75).

If, like me, you believe that a truly great pizza starts with a margherita and not much else, maybe some chilli, you can customise your own pizza.

Puddings at the time of writing are Chocolate Brownie & Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sundae (£5.25), Baked Strawberries & Balsamic Sundae With Vanilla Ice Cream (£5.00), Ice Cream (£3.75) and Nutella & Marshmallow Calzone (£4.75).

Competition is pretty intense along Suffolk Road – from Champignon Sauvage to humbler establishments such as Baker and Graze but at first sight, the short menu and decor all looks good. we’ll review when things have settled down – rarely good to judge a place on its opening week or (worse still) based on a freebie. We’re glad they’ve kept the Suffolk Arms name.

40 Suffolk Road, Cheltenham, GL50 2AQ
Tel: 01242 234308   Web: