Simpsons Fish and Chips

  • Food 8/10

  • Drink 6/10

  • Atmos 8/10

Simpsons Fish and Chips High Quality Fish and Chips

Simpsons in One Paragraph:

Takeaway Fish and Chips on the edge of town, plus a diner style operation. Very good fish and chips, great staff and the diner restaurant is smart and well run. A place to restore your confidence in fish and chips.

The Longer Read:

Simpsons Fish and Chips? Firstly pity the poor visitor to our shores. Imagination fired by TV and film, they arrive anticipating Britain to be all  pea-soupers, proper Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple and fish and chips.  And what do they find? Smokeless fuel, Benedict Cumberbatch, a disappointingly low crime rate in picture perfect villages and, typically, a greasy mess sold as Traditional Fish and Chips.

So bring them to Simpsons. This is British comfort food served to a high standard.  Slightly out of the centre of Cheltenham, Simpsons operates as a takeaway and a small restaurant.

The takeaway operation is great – food cooked to order – and the restaurant is even better.

Simpsons Fish

The business uses high quality ingredients. Furthermore fish is MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) certified. Cod is sourced from sustainable waters (and if you’re smiling at that, this is what has brought cod back from the brink). Haddock, a stronger tasting fish, likewise. Scampi (langoustine) have always been tasty and well cooked here, with a chunky Simpsons tartare sauce. One day we’ll try hake, a fish which fishmongers (and the Spanish) rate highly.

There is no MSG, salt or bulking agents in its batter and in general there is terrific attention to detail throughout the cooking and serving  process. For example, tartare sauce is home made and is offered as a basic option or with japaleno.  For another example, veggie options included Battered Halloumi or Homemade Cheese and Onion Fritters instead of just a tired veggie burger. Chicken dishes are produced in partnership with a nearby (Prestbury) butcher. The bread’s good. I could go on.

Drinks at Simpsons

Drinks available include Champagne, which goes brilliantly with fish and chips if you’re ever in the mood. They do pots of tea and white buttered bread. Consequently if you ever want to give a visitor from overseas the full British fish and chips experience, this is the place.

We once took some Simpsons fish and chips to the Grape Escape on of their ‘bring some food’ evenings. It was a very happy night.  Simpsons also has a fish and chip van (Simpsons on Wheels) for private hire.

The restaurant itself is small but takes reservations. There is a warm atmosphere and, best of all, the staff are terrific – genuine, helpful and efficient. It seems that Simpsons have always been good with families – the childrens’ menu (£4.20) features cod or chicken bites, sausage, beef burger or scampi, plus chips and a drink.  The shop has a great little book on ‘where do fish and chips come from?’ and there’s a well produced section on their website too.

Simpsons opened a branch in Stroud, in 2017.

The result of all this is that the restaurant scores highly by us.  OK it’s a fish and chip restaurant, but what it does, it does very well.

73-75 Priors Road, Cheltenham. GL52 5AL
Tel: 01242 228937   Web: