Scandinavian Coffee Pod

  • Food 7 / 10

  • Drink 8 /10

  • Atmos 6 / 10

Scandinavian Coffee Pod Very, very good coffee in your cooler Scandinavian aunty’s front room.

The Longer Read  First of all, why the Scandinavian Coffee Pod? So, what’s the connection with Scandinavia? Well, the concept has its origins in Oslo (Scandinavian). It sells coffee (Coffee). And it operates out of a pod (Pod).

You’ll find the Scandinavian Coffee Pod in Royal Well Road. It’s around the back the bus station.  The cafe catches the eye with its bright yellow graphics. Inside, a small space contains armchairs, a table or two and books. There really isn’t much space in here. So it’s cosy – and fun, here, just as long as you can get a seat.  If you’ve had lunch or dinner at The Tavern, it’s an option to cross the road for coffee and cake here.

Roasts and sourcing at Scandinavian Coffee Post

The owners source ‘ethical’ coffee beans for The Scandinavian Coffee Pod. They also roast  Coffee beans locally (next door in fact). The coffee roast is, of course, half the battle. See our blog on coffee for info on this. Plus some tips on ordering from long coffee menus.

The espresso roast here is a little darker, which helps the faster extraction time.  Filter coffee roasts are corresponding roasted more lightly.

‘Live roasting evenings’ are offered. You’ll get coffee and cake and the chance to see coffee roasting in practice. If you’re even vaguely serious about coffee it’s a good thing to do. You’ll get an insight into skills that can be taken for granted too easily. And they give you a bag of coffee too.

Food at Scandinavian Coffee Pod

So, the coffee is excellent. We thought that the food offer wasn’t quite there yet*, with some cakes that we didn’t find particularly appetising. Coffee and skyr anyone?  Hmmm.  Our food score might seem a bit mean, that’s no reflection on the coffee, which is definitely worth a detour.

Håper at det smaker – hope you enjoy it.

*We popped in a few days after the above review was written.  The cake offering had substantially improved. It’s a real pleasure to up our score accordingly.  It may have been the coffee, it may have been the tulip. Anyway, we loved it and our photographer started getting arty. We’ve had a word.

Another return visit.

** We’ve been back a few times. The owners have definitely lifted their cake game. Really good cakes and more choice.

Scandinavian Coffee Pod

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