Revival Cafe

  • Food 5/10

  • Drink 7/10

  • Atmos 7/10

Revival Cafe Useful All Day Cafe Restaurant in Central Cheltenham

The Longer Read I must have walked past the Revival Cafe Bar and Grill a few times. I didn’t really notice it, but it  turns out to be a handy cafe. It’s bigger inside than I thought. Good to see an independent so central in town, the competition is the likes of Bills.

From the layout and the decor, the menu and the staff, I’d guess that this place really wants to be an Italian/Mediterranean restaurant. It has probably has compromised slightly for the shopping crowd. The frontage is covered with ads for breakfast (full English, not caffelatte and a bread roll). I went for a late breakfast. The table next to me was having a very early fish and chips.

I visited just after Glastonbury so was definitely in need of, er, revival.   My entry level £5.50 breakfast dish was called The Revival Breakfast. That includes two rashers of bacon, two eggs, sausage, tomatoes, mushroom and two slices of toast. I added hash browns. With a pot of tea (they use Clipper teas – big tick) it came to £8.60 which is pretty good value.

Breakfast at Revival Cafe

Breakfast was good, although the industrial grade sausage failed my “Do I want to eat that?” test. Eggs were very well cooked, grease-free and cooked just to the right point. Hash browns were good, toast not too pale etc.  Service was friendly and warm.

Checking out the menu, I reckon Revival Cafe restaurant’s heart belongs to the Mediterranean antipasti/ mezze dishes on offer later in the day. I think this is what they really want to be. I’d like to come back and check out that aspect of what they do. I’d encourage them to go more authentic (drop the chips from Lasagne and Chips (£5.50) for example). And definitely also lose the Thai food option on the dinner menu. Plus please drop Chicken Tikka , served with rice, chips (!) and salad (£6.49).

Revival Cafe is a clean, well run cafe restaurant with a nice atmosphere and pleasant staff. A couple of tables outside, zippy wifi and wines with a reasonable mark-up.  I’d say add it to your list of non-chain good value cafes in town. This cafe is an endangered species that needs support as we all watch Costa Coffee gradually take over Cheltenham. There’s a brand new Pret a Manger just around the corner as well now. Sigh.

5-7 Winchcombe Road, Cheltenham GL52 2LZ
Tel: 01242 529275   Web: