Pittville Pump Room

  • Wow 6/10

  • Entertainment  4/10

Pittville Pump Room Cheltenham’s Last Surviving Spa, a Regency Beauty and Event Venue.

The Longer Read  Pittville Pump Room sits at the top of Pittville Park, Cheltenham’s prettiest. Part of the appeal are the Pump Rooms themselves, which draw the eye. It’s a handsome early 18c building and is Cheltenham’s last surviving spa, although these days the water is drawn up electrically. Pittville then, as now, was an interesting project – a commercial speculative venture by Joseph Pitt, a self made man who created the new spa and town (Pittville) of at least 500 houses. Effectively a new town to rival its parent Cheltenham, Pittville was a moneymaking venture designed to capitalise on the spa boom which followed George III’s visit to Cheltenham in 1788

As a venue, the Pittville Pump Room is touted for weddings, concerts, exhibitions and gigs, with a capacity of about 400.  The venue is reputed to have good acoustics for live music, although we recently left a Jeremy Hardy gig halfway through, because the sound quality was so poor at the back. Get there early is probably the best advice.

Pittville Pump Room, East Approach Dr, Cheltenham GL52 3JE
Tel: 01242 521621   Web: http://www.cheltenhamtownhall.org.uk