• Food  6/10

  • Drinks 6/10

  • Atmos  7/10

Moka Moka Coffee House in the Suffolks

The Longer Read Moka Coffee House is an independent, family run cafe in The Suffolks. It’s an old faithful – couple of seats outside plenty of wood inside, nice relaxed feel.

Breakfast goes from 7.30am to noon, with items such croissant and jam from £2.00. Breakfast Panini (it’s Panino, it’s singular. “Hello, I’d like a sandwiches please” – eh?) or Toastie (£5.25). The panini or toasties (see?) can be your choice of Gloucester Old Spot sausage, local bacon, fresh vine tomato, mild (bah!) cheddar cheese.

For the rest of the day, Moka offers cakes and pastries, salads (feta, Parma ham, avocado or lemon chicken – £4.95 – £5.50), soup is from The Suffolk Kitchen, sandwiches (similar prices).  There are baked potatoes (from £4.50).

There’s a nice note on the menu about swapping things around to make things your way. Newspapers on offer and no sign of the bloody Daily Mail, at least on this visit. A smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese (£5.50) was tasty, bit of lemon oil and pepper added. The online prices are out of date by the way.

Coffee was OK.

Service was friendly – quite authentically Italian, to the extent that staff member 1 suddenly yelled out a “destra la regazza!!” and sure enough, two pretty women walked past the cafe’s lovely big windows looking out on Suffolk Parade.  He then said something like “Quasi abbastanza buono per essere Italiano” (nearly good enough to be Italian). Which is true about Moka too.

If you’re a visitor to Cheltenham, this is a great area to explore. It’s full of smaller shops, cafes and is a quieter area of the town, with a style all of its own.

14 Suffolk Parade, Cheltenham, GL50 2XE
Tel: 01242 263646   Web: