DEYA Brewery and Tap Room

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DEYA Brewery and Tap Room  Something Amazing in Cheltenham

The Longer Read OK, so DEYA Brewery isn’t a bar pure and simple, but its Tap Room gives us a reason to highlight this fantastic brewery as a drinking venue too.

You may not know it but in DEYA, Cheltenham has a national leader in new wave brewing. DEYA Brewery is a small company and its distinguishing features are the fact that brewing is led by quality and consistency. That might sound like a line from a PR handout, but this article is as much a love letter as a review.

Drinkers in some of Cheltenham’s better bars will have come across Steady Rolling Man occasionally. You won’t find it recommended by CAMRA, as keg format isn’t considered “real”.  Don’t let this small detail bother you for one second.

DEYA Brewery

Steady Rolling Man, like the rest of their output, is cloudy, unfiltered, unpasteurised, and delicious. Massive hops dominate in a beer that is more drinkable than many other well-hopped pale ales on the market. However, this is not a brewery who just bung as many hops in as they can. The quality of the malt recipes underpinning every beer is evident: great body and mouthfeel highlighted with appropriate hopping. Well done!

Steady Rolling Man is a 5.2% Pale Ale. You’ll also find Into the Haze (6.2%) a tropical notey IPA and Hokum Stomp (5.6%) which is an oatmeal Porter, all chocolate and coffee malt.

DEYA Brewery’s regular collaborations (collaborations are a good indicator of a respectable brewery) with industry celebs such as Verdant and Cloudwater,  yield equally tasty results. A wide range of beers is available to try in the tap room every Friday night (4pm to 9pm) and Saturday (2pm to 8pm). Often an independent food company will go along and so you can grab something good to eat while you drink. Think stone-baked pizzas or Sri Lankan street food.

It’s a bit of a trek up to the Lansdown Industrial Estate from town, though the brewery is ideally located for people arriving in Cheltenham by train. You can usually score some cans from Favourite Beers, although, at the time of writing, the Brewery is bringing canning in-house, leading to a bit of a wait for new supplies. People will long remember the great DEYA drought of summer 2017. In fact the wait extended through to the end of March 2018.

We can’t quite pin down why it’s called DEYA. There’s a recent fake Archbishop of that name, who allegedly sold Aldi olive oil as a cure for various diseases, but that doesn’t seem the basis on which to build a beer brand. There’s a place in Majorca where Robert Graves lived. Take your pick.

Anyway, at the time of writing, DEYA is ranked 4th in England on Untappd. If it isn’t already obvious, we like it here, and you might too.

33/34, Lansdown Industrial Estate, Gloucester Rd, Cheltenham GL51 8PL 
Tel: 01242 269189   Web: