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CheeseWorks Much loved Cheltenham institution.

It’s a pleasure to shop at CheeseWorks, a family-run business that is stop number one for cheese lovers in Cheltenham. There’s a good range of well kept cheeses and the staff are used to helping cheese-blind customers to make a choice (there are typically over 100 cheeses  in the shop).

A good strategy if putting together a cheeseboard is to pick one of each of blue, hard, soft, semi hard and vegetarian cheese.  You could limit this to one soft one hard one blue. The choice of cow, goat or ewe milk is also in the mix. Arriving with this in mind can simplify things.

With some cheeses it’s a good idea to mention when you plan to eat it. At CheeseWorks you can sample pretty much anything and order pretty much any weight of cheese. Take the opportunity to ask about what will accompany the cheese that you buy best.

5 Regent Street, Cheltenham GL50 1HE
Tel: 01242 255022   Web: