Brew & Bake

  • Food 7 / 10

  • Drink 7 /10

  • Atmos 7 / 10

Brew & Bake Entirely useful café on Bath Road.

The Longer Read Brew & Bake is in Bath Road. Bath Road is beloved of Cheltenham estate agents for its ‘villagy-feel’ (ie it has a row of shops). In truth, it’s a lively, interesting area. Bath Road types are proud of their area and speak of ‘going into Cheltenham’. As a result, local cafes attract a loyal following – Curious Cafe for one. Brew & Bake is always a pleasure too.

Other punters might be school kids on the way home, start-up types glued to their Macs or smart locals exchanging the goss.  Even better, there are quite a few seats fitted into a small space so it’s usually not too hard to eavesdrop.  Coffee is good, £2.35 for a flat white.  Serious coffee heads can choose from (on our visit) a couple of filter coffee bean options (Ethiopia and El Salvador) and four brew methods (V60, Aeropress, Chemex and Syphon).  By the way, if that’s all Greek to you, you’re missing out – check out our blog post on Coffee brews.

Brew & Bake

Food at Brew and Bake

The food offering is cafe-hearty with chunky portion sizes. Breakfast (served all day) runs through toast (Hobbs House Bread), porridge options (£2.40), yoghurt/granola and toasted muffins with sausage, bacon or mushrooms with fried egg (£4). Pretty good value, although our muffin was doughy/undercooked in the middle. We’ve been often enough to know that was unusual. If you can make it before 12, there are brunch options. Cakes and pastries always available – baked on site, free range egg policy.

Brew & Bake

Cakes are a cut above. Homemade and satisfyingly authentic/homemade tasting.

Brew & Bake are now offering Wednesday/Thursday 5 – 9pm suppers. Bring your own bottle option (£1 corkage) with flatbreads to accompany (£7). Hopefully that will take off – phone to check maybe. Update: Looks like these have been dropped, although there is a monthly supper club, sign up for deets.

Good reasons to visit the area include two butchers and what might be the last proper greengrocers in town. Plus the nearby, ever-useful Red Cross Bookshop

Opens at 7am (9am on Sundays) and closes at 4pm.

217 Bath Road, Cheltenham GL53 7NA
Tel: 01242 2580875   Web: