Andrias at Ten

  • Food 6 / 10

  • Drink 6 /10

  • Atmos 8 / 10

Andria’s at Ten Charming cafe in The Suffolks, strong on tea.

The Longer Read

Andrias at Ten? Charming, charming, charming.

The cafe has recently changed name from Tea at Ten to Andrias at Ten‘ because everyone calls it that anyway’. It has a rather understated exterior compared to Little Boho next door. Which is very English I suppose. And that’s appropriate considering the emphasis on tea here. It’s also quite an eccentric little place. The website for example, basically, hasn’t happened – you get redirected to Facebook. Customers are a good mix of posh locals and curious visitors. This is a place I would bring a friend from overseas to show them a good, non-chain tea room.

Inside Andrias at Ten now has more practical wooden tables (your tea used to wobble a bit on the last lot), a pleasant layout of vintage and modern. The room is bright, clean and modern. Multicoloured tin or wood tables, a small chandelier, plants, lovely crockery.

The menu is small and pretentious, food isn’t earth shaking, but it’s made by humans. Mains are between £4 and £8 – soup of the day (sweet patato (sic) and quinoa), grilled halloumi, a hearty classic pork pie or toasties. I had the Ploughman’s Lunch, which arrived as a Ploughman’s Sandwich (well, this is Cheltenham after all), with balsamic pickled onions and some ‘proper’ cheese as part of the mix.

Loose Leaf Teas at Andrias at Ten

Coffee was so-so, but, point coming, Andrias at Ten has a fantastic menu of loose leaf teas. It comes with tasting notes and ran the range from teas that you are familiar with to teas that may be new to you: Ginger Cut, Keemun, Chocolate Tea and Rwanda Burundi – which I tried, it’s a strong tea with a brisk malty flavour. There are 25 or so teas on the list.

Service is individualistic. You might find yourself being offered something extra, because they’ve made too much of it. And the manager will happily talk you through the range of teas. She has an evangelistic approach to getting you to try something other than English breakfast tea.

There is a small range of cakes cut to order – each with a satisfyingly healthy sounding name: Vegan Chocolate Cake (delicious), Lemon Polenta Cake, Carrot Cake. I look forward to going back. If Andrias at Ten is busy, Baker and Graze around the corner is more than reliable (the food offer there is more ambitious).

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10 Great Norwood Street, Cheltenham, GL50 2AN
Tel: 01242 252606   Web: