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Prithvi French Indian Restaurant Du Jour / के क्षण

The Longer Read Prithvi – Awaiting Review 

Please note that Prithvi announced a move from previous premises in Bath Road, to No.38 The Park, as from the 4th November 2018.

You’re unlikely to ever eat at Prithvi in a spontaneous, spur of the moment way – it’s currently surfing a crest as probably (along with Lumiere) one of the most booked-ahead restaurants in Cheltenham. For that reason, it’s possible that we may never eat there – planning ahead not being our strong suit. Presumably Prithvi is full of the kind of people who do plan ahead; anniversary couples, birthday party organisers, diary publishers, pension advisors…

The hope is always that being in demand doesn’t make a restaurant too cocky. A friend had dinner at Prithvi and, not liking that particular grape, declined the waiter’s suggestion of a Primitivo with dinner. The waiter (owner?) then offered to provide three wines to blind taste so that he could choose which wine he might like to order. One of the wines was a Primitivo!  Presumably this was a rather silly attempt to prove that my chum didn’t know what Primitivo tasted like.

French Indian Cuisine at Prithvi

Prithvi is French-Indian, so expect amuse-bouche, sophisticated presentation and reportedly flawless service.

Mains might include: Beef, cinnamon, pumpkin (£21.00), Stonebass, roast garlic & fine beans, clementine jus (£18.50), Chicken, star anise, onion reduction (£15.50), Venison, sprouts, pickling sauce (£21.00), King prawns, mussels, white wine vinegar, curry leaves (£17.50), Duck, slow cooked, carrots, coconut reduction (£19.50).

Trivia Note 1: Brian Jones, of the Rolling Stones, lived in this building for a while in his Cheltenham days.

There are occasional gripes about Prithvi’s prices by some locals, but it’s important to understand that this is not a typical high Street ‘Indian’ restaurant.  The Sun, for example, named the restaurant ‘best UK Curry House’, thereby neatly missing the point altogether. There’s something altogether more interesting going on here, the marriage of French and Indian cuisine. And we’ve long believed that Indian cuisine is not just cheap and popular – it can scale the heights to sit alongside the greatest.

Trivia Note 2: Prithvi is the Sanskrit name for the Earth, although it literally means ‘the vast one’, which is good going for a restaurant name.  It’s also the name of a short-range ballistic missile developed in India. Take your pick.

Lunch at Prithvi

As is so often the case in fine dining restaurants, lunch looks a bargain. Three Courses for £25, two for £21. The sample menu includes Prawn, Coriander and Mint or Minced Chicken and Yoghurt as starters. Mains such as Salmon with Mustard and Coconut Milk. Both with rice or nan. Puddings such as a Chai Panna Cotta or Pecan Clafoutis. Vegetarians can expect dishes such as a Tandoor Beetroot or Paneer and Asparagus Curry.

We’re a new website and we shall get around to a review of the food before too long – we’re keen to write about the food in detail. Meanwhile if you’re a forward planner type – book ahead with confidence.

38 Evesham Rd, Cheltenham GL52 2AH
Tel: 01242 226229   Web: