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Cicheti – Wine and Venetian-style Snacks

The Longer Read

Cicheti opened in early December 2018. It’s a wine-orientated bar/restaurant offering tapas style snacks.

Cicheti (Chee-keti) are a Venice thing. The comparison with tapas is a fair one; the Venetian tradition of andar a cicheti means to head off for a glass of wine and a cicheti (little snack) in a bàcaro or two. A bàcaro is somewhere between a bar and restaurant and a pub. It’s a type of its own, but a good one is cheerful and welcoming. If you’re visiting Venice and looking for nightlife, you can basically forget it, but a tour of bàcari will make up for that.

Hopefully Cicheti, (the Cheltenham restaurant) will achieve some of that traditional ambience. It has only just opened and the wine list looks good. Crostini can be ordered to accompany drinks at £2 a pop. As with tapas, Venetian cicheti can be mundane or ambitious according to the chef’s skills.

Cheltenham’s Most Interesting Foodie Street

Cicheti is a new venture, in Regent Street which is now Cheltenham’s most interesting foodie street, next to such places as Koj, CheeseWorks, Coffee Dispensary and Kibou. We look forward to trying it out. The dining room looks cosy, plenty of wood and leather.

Favourite new fact discovered whilst Googling ‘cicheti’ – in Venice, if going out for a glass of wine, you might refer to this as an ombre (Italian for a shadow). This refers to the idea that the best bars were on the shady side of the street.

1 Regent Chambers, Regent Street, Cheltenham GL50 1HETel: 01242 573935   Web: