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Find authentic Cheltenham restaurants and cafes and reviews here. We also take a look at attractions, cultural venues and shopping in this great town of ours.

Critical Cheltenham is written by a small collective of people with some cafe, tourism and restaurant experience. 

We’re a little bit bored with gushy food blogs and reviews written after a free meal. Our aim is to create a useful guide to Cheltenham based on paying visits to restaurants and cafes. We want to be upfront but fair. And hopefully amusing at the same time.
We’re not sponsored and we don’t take freebies. No Mwah! Mwah!, no free dinners.

Read on to discover real and useful restaurant cafe culture and shopping reviews, updated frequently. Critical Cheltenham is your lively inside guide to this corner of the Cotswolds.

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Reviews with muscle

Cheltenham restaurants cafes reviews with muscle? First of all, this web site came about because we became a little disillusioned with advertising-led websites.  We’re also wary of blog site ‘reviews’ of restaurants. It seems that often, a free meal and a glass of wine buys a restaurant a favourable review.  Modesty aside, we feel that reviewers should have some experience in the area of food and drink. Within our small team we have a wine, coffee and beer enthusiast, a former chef and hotel staff.  We have a vegetarian reviewer and an experienced baker too. That said, we’re not claiming to be experts. Most of all, we think that restaurants are more than just about the food. Atmosphere is all. We aim to describe what the ambiance of a venue is like and what you can expect to pay.

A new approach to Cheltenham restaurants cafes reviews

Restaurants and cafes go through good (hopefully great) and not so good patches. Owners change, premises change and businesses close. So we’ll aim to keep this website up to date. When new restaurants and cafes open we try not to review based on an opening night or press release. We definitely don’t review on the basis of free meals… we don’t ask for any!

Cheltenham restaurants cafes reviews are scored out of ten for food, drink and atmosphere.  We’re fairly tough in our assessment. High reputations don’t count for much here. If you disagree with our reviews, please tell us – we try not to visit Cheltenham cafes and restaurants for reviews only once  – things change over time.

Scoring Cheltenham Restaurants and Cafes Reviews

As a general guide, a score of six or more means we think the venue is reliable. Seven or more and things are getting pretty special. Our score is based on what Cheltenham restaurants set out to achieve, what they charge and not what their reputation is. We are always adding content and cover the range – we want to cover Japanese restaurants, steak houses, Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, food-led pubs and community Cheltenham restaurants in cafes reviews.

Cheltenham restaurants cafes reviews

We pay a lot of attention to Cheltenham cafes and some very good coffee shops. There’s an amazing variety.


Cheltenham’s a great town with a lot going on and a lot to write about. We look forward to building this website to be as inclusive as possible.  At the end of the day, these reviews are just our opinion so we encourage you to explore for yourself. Stay in touch and let us know what you think.